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Posted on: November 19, 2019



(Update) CAPTCHA issues continue to vex the Clericus OCRS (public access) site, a result of ongoing bombardment by bot processes. As Civitek works out a solution, we encourage users to report problems through our website feedback link.

(Updated Dec. 9, 2019, 10:26 a.m.)

Subscribers no doubt have noticed the absence of a log-in link on our updated website. We have solutions for that below. Other users possibly have encountered problems with the CAPTCHA function while searching the Clericus OCRS (public access) site. This trouble is ongoing, but Civitek hopes to roll out a fix soon.

Now, those directions for subscribers.

Option No. 1:

From the home page, hover your cursor over the How Do I tab to reveal the Access My Subscriber Account link. Choose “Learn more” to access the Subscriber Services page.

Subscriber searches links are at the bottom, under More Information.

Option No. 2: 

From the home page, hover your cursor over the E-Services tab to reveal the various online opportunities, including applications, payments for traffic tickets, and the electronic filing of court documents.

Immediately below E-Services is the category for Subscriber Services. Users who want to apply for subscriber access have a link for signing up. Active subscribers may go directly to Subscription Searches or Subscription Download Data, where they can dive directly into the business they want to conduct.

What These Options Have in Common

Under either option, users can access a page with two tabs: Court Records and Official Records.

The Court Records tab offers certain common search options available to the public; below those, however, users will find searches labeled Subscribers Only: Foreclosures and New Cases. Users may click either and, after they have acknowledged they’re leaving, will be delivered to search pages that should look familiar.

Clicking the Official Records tab produces a page on which all the search options are for subscribers only.

Subscribers will want to have their user name and password handy the first time they use these search engines. Subscribers’ computers may provide a prompt that allows them to save their log-in info for future visits.

CAPTCHA Issues Resolved

Simultaneous (but unrelated) to the launch of the redesigned, some users experienced troubles with CAPTCHA for Public Access on the Clericus OCRS website provided by Civitek. A production fix was deployed November 26 aimed at resolving the problem.

The snags were triggered by an external "bot" program attempting to execute machine searches on the CLERICUS OCRS site, occasionally overwhelming the CAPTCHA service. The solution involves close monitoring of failed CAPTCHA attempts. Once 10 failed attempts have been made by the same IP address, the IP address will be blocked for five minutes. Humans who exceed 10 attempts will receive the following error message:

 You've reached the limit for number of attempts. These limits help us protect against spam from automated programs. You can try again later.

After five minutes elapse, the desired search may be resumed.

Unfortunately even with the new time-out rule in place we are still experiencing some interruptions in the current CAPTCHA service (not as frequently but still occurring).

Our web-development team is moving forward to remove the current CAPTCHA process which is a 3rd party integration as it appears that this service is no longer handling our needs.  We are working to replace the current service with Google’s ReCaptcha service.  As a much bigger 3rd party service provider, our expectation is that Google’s services will handle the load and in turn restore consistency to our own web-site.

We anticipate this being ready for our internal testing in the next 1-2 business days.  We will test and deploy as a high priority.

Users who encounter problems with the Civitek-operated CLERICUS OCRS site are encouraged to contact us.

Subscribers who have accessed data and records using either of the options described at the top should not be encountering CAPTCHA hurdles at all.

(Updated Dec. 6, 2019, 7:45 p.m.)

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