Criminal Courts

Felony cases are crimes of a more serious nature, punishable by death or imprisonment for more than one year. There are first-, second-, and third-degree felonies with different penalties for each degree.

Misdemeanor cases involve lesser crimes and/or infractions and are punishable by fine, penalty, forfeiture, or imprisonment not in a state penitentiary for less than one year. Misdemeanors are categorized as first- or second-degree.

Criminal Documents

Felony, misdemeanor, and criminal traffic case files are available for public viewing unless the case has been sealed, expunged, or is confidential by law. A sealed court file requires a court order to be unsealed before its contents can be viewed.

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Clemency & Restoration of Civil Rights

For more information on clemency and/or the restoration of civil rights, visit the Florida Parole Commission's website, or call toll free, (800) 488-2952.