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Posted on: January 5, 2024


Wooden gavel and block against blurred courtroom background with juror alert message

New Port Richey, FL - Jane Smith was sitting at home one day and the phone rang.  She answered it and the gentleman calling identified himself as a Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputy.  He informed her that she failed to appear for jury duty and there was a warrant for her arrest.  Jane panicked.  She didn’t remember receiving a jury summons.  If she had she would have certainly shown up.  The “deputy” then told her she would have to pay a fine of $1800 dollars or risk being handcuffed and taken to jail.  Jane told the caller she didn’t have that type of cash.  The “officer” preceded to tell Smith that he would speak to his supervisor.  The supervisor okayed a payment in the amount of $375.  Relieved, Jane agreed to pay that amount out of her Venmo account.  The “deputy” then told Smith to go to the Clerk’s Office and ask for Nichole or Nikki.


It was all a lie.


We didn’t use the victim’s real name, but everything else you just read happened to a woman in Pasco County, and if you’re not aware, it could happen to you!  No one from the Pasco County Clerk’s Office will ever call you and solicit money for a missed court date or missed jury duty.  Nor will a representative with any law enforcement agency.  If you get a call from someone claiming that you missed jury duty or a court date, get contact information from that individual and offer to call them back once you check the story.  Odds are they won’t be there when you call back.


We advised the victim in this case to contact law enforcement.

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