Protecting Yourself from Identify Theft

The Florida Rules of Judicial Administration and Florida Statutes mandates Clerks enable internet access to certain court records, official records, and general public records.

It is important to our Office the information regarding our customers and the citizens of Pasco County isprotected from perpetrators of identity theft. Your Social Security number and other sensitive information may appear in records due to the preparation of documents prior to laws and rules being effective. We have electronically reviewed our internet documents (more than 14 million pages) and blocked sensitive items. As a result of certain issues, such as poor document quality or handwritten data, the system could have missed some sensitive information. 

Prevent Identity Theft

Ways to prevent identity theft include:

  • Protect your Social Security, bank account, debit card, or credit card number.
  • Shred financial documents before discarding them.
  • Do not provide personal information unless you’re sure who you’re dealing with and you know them to be trustworthy.
  • Avoid use of obvious passwords.
  • Keep your information secure.
  • Safeguard information on your computer.

If You Fall Victim

If you become, or suspect you have become, a victim of identify theft, take the following steps and access the links below:

  • File a police report with your local law enforcement agency.
  • Call Florida’s Fraud Hotline at 866-9-NO-SCAM.
  • Call the Federal Trade Commission at 877-ID-THEFT.

Learn More

To learn more about how to avoid identity theft and what to do if your identity is stolen, visit: