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Actions to foreclose a lien on real property are filed as a general civil case, either in Circuit Court or County Court depending upon the amount owed. Circuit Court has jurisdiction for cases exceeding $15,000, and County Court up to and including $15,000.

When a lis pendens or an amended lis pendens is filed, it will be recorded in the Official Records. The statutory fee for recording this document is $5 for the first page, $4 for each additional page, and $1 for each additional name over four. This fee is payable at the time of submitting the lis pendens for filing in the court file. All subsequent lis pendens documents, such as a dismissal, satisfaction, withdrawal, etc, will be recorded upon payment of the statutory recording fee of $10 for the first page, $8.50 for each additional page, and $1 for each additional name over four. This fee is due at the time of submitting the document.

When a foreclosure case is completed, a final judgment will be signed by the Judge. This judgment will contain a date, time, and place for the judicial sale of the property pertaining to the subject of the foreclosure action. Judicial sales are held online at

You may contact the assigned judge or the local Clerk & Comptroller's office for direction if you are unsure of the specific language to include in the Final Judgment and Notice of Sale.

Tax Deed Sale Information

Tax deed properties are sent to the Office of the Clerk & Comptroller from the Tax Collector's Office as a result of property that has fallen in arrears for county taxes. Properties sold at a tax deed auction must have delinquent taxes for at least two years before becoming eligible for a tax deed application.

The Clerk & Comptroller receives tax deed applications along with a listing of owners and interested parties that must be notified by certified mail. At the Clerk & Comptroller's request, the Sheriff's Office posts a warning notice on the property and serves owners with a notice of sale.

Tax deed sales are handled through

Successful Bidder/Final Payment

Anyone may bid on a property; however bidders must register on the Realauction website and place a deposit prior to the sale. Potential bidders are encouraged to place on deposit adequate funds for anticipated bidding for future dates. Funds are subject to availability based on the rules defined on the Realauction website. The site provides information for each pending sale, including the tax deed number and brief legal description. The Clerk & Comptroller and Realauction are not responsible for the quality or accuracy of any information provided on this site.

Before participating in a tax deed sale, the bidder must have on deposit with the Clerk & Comptroller, via the Realauction website, an amount that is at least 5% of the estimated high bid or $200.00, whichever is greater, for each item the bidder anticipates winning at the tax deed sale. The amount of the deposit will be applied to the winning bidder's final bid amount.

Wire transfers of final payment must be made no later than 4 p.m. the day of sale.

Cash or cashier's checks also will be accepted; however, these forms of payments must be delivered to the Clerk & Comptroller's Office at the East Pasco Government Center Official Records, 14236 Sixth Street, Suite 201, Dade City, FL 33523. All forms of payment must be received before 10 a.m. Eastern Time the following business day of the tax deed sale.