What is a Baker Act?

Provided for in Chapter 394.451, Florida Statutes, a Baker Act is shorthand for the Florida Mental Health Act, which does not authorize provision of medical treatment. Mental illness encompasses impairments of the mental or emotional processes that control an individual's actions or the ability to perceive or understand reality, interfering with the individual's ability to meet the ordinary demands of living.

Mental illness excludes retardation and/or developmental disability, intoxication, and/or substance abuse. For more information relating to the Baker Act (or to find the information in other languages), visit Myflfamilies.com.

Other statutes or alternatives are in place to address situations where the Baker Act is inappropriate. Contact a mental health facility or support service provider for guidance. Facilities include residential treatment services, outpatient mental health clinics, hospitals, and multiservice organizations. To assist your search, visit myflfamilies.com Health and Human Services..

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1. What is a Baker Act?
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