Pasco County Official Records Search

Pasco County Official Records are searchable by name within document types and date ranges. Book and page and instrument numbers also allow direct access to individual documents. The Official Records system contains documents related to property, such as deeds and mortgages. They also contain many court documents, including final judgments.

Indexes are available from 1975 through the current date. Images from 1990 to the present are viewable online by the public except for documents related to probate or family law cases, military discharges, and death certificates.

The images archived in the Pasco County Official Record are digital reproductions of the original documents presented to the Clerk for recording. Except as specifically directed by law (e.g., redaction of information directed by statute), the Clerk's Office does not alter the content of the original documents during the recording process. Unclear or illegible content in the archived image is likely to be the result of unclear or illegible content in the original document.

Protecting Personal or Confidential Information

There is a balance between individual privacy and the need to have records readily available for viewing. Should you find a document that you believe requires protection of your personal, confidential, or sensitive information, visit our Protecting Personal or Confidential Information page to learn about the options available to protect your information.

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