If you would like to receive electronic notifications about upcoming court events for your case, visit the e-notify website.

Individuals who register will receive alerts of upcoming criminal court events via text and/or email. The system is intended to keep defendants and other interested parties informed about upcoming court events. “E-Notify is a valuable resource for parties, the public, and media to be informed about upcoming hearings and other court events,” Clerk & Comptroller Nikki Alvarez-Sowles says. “It works similarly to receiving a text or email to remind you of a doctor’s appointment.”

Users who sign up for the service choose how they will get alerts – email and/or text – as well as the timing of their reminders, choosing any combination of 14-day, seven-day, or day-ahead notifications.

There is no limit to the number of cases users can sign up to get notifications. E-Notify allows users to manage their alert subscriptions and make changes to cases and frequency.